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Bridget Pickering


Bridget Pickering
Tuesday 14 March
We last sat down with Bridget Pickering, owner of Ruff Tung, three years ago. Since then, the fashion designer has continued to put out beautiful pieces while doubling her workforce.
“It’s been quite an experience because quite a few [businesses] in the fashion world haven’t survived. But here I am, alive and kicking,” she says.
She credits her success to an upswing in customers that are supporting local. “People are buying into it. Customers must just keep on giving and we will keep on providing, and so the big wheel keeps turning.”
To Bridget, sustainability is not just about upcycling, recycling, and providing jobs, it’s about slow fashion. “Part of it is being price competitive, giving your customer a really good product, so they’re not shopping at the chain stores where it is fast fashion. They’re coming to you because you’re affordable and they know it’s an investment buy, and it’s not just seasonal,” she says.
Inclusivity is another integral part of Bridget’s designs. “Those curves have changed my world. Curve is not plus-size, I don’t like that label, you can be a size 34 and have amazing curves.”
“I think we’ve really hit the sweet spot where we meet the women on their level. You can’t be intimidating, often these girls are coming in there with such a low mojo. After Covid, I’ve never seen so many girls feeling displaced, not feeling great about themselves,” she says.
Her response was to swoop in and encourage them to wear sequins in the day! “Wear what you love, get out of your Covid tracksuits and let’s keep going.”
“As your inclusive base grows, so do you, and it pushes you forward. You can’t sit back and design the same thing every season. We’ve had to really flip it on its head,” she adds.
Gently and with a lot of love, she’s helped push women out of their comfort zone. “Now we’re creating sequins monsters, girls are going to Pick n Pay in their sequins!”
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