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Bianca van Aswegen and Seema Naidoo

Bianca van Aswegen and Seema Naidoo

Bianca van Aswegen and Seema Naidoo

Today we’re focusing on the important issues of child abduction and human trafficking with Bianca van Aswegen from Missing Children South Africa and Seema Naidoo from the Hope to Heal Foundation.

Child kidnapping cases and Human Trafficking increase yearly in South Africa. Many kids run away from home when they have problems or when they have a misunderstanding with their parents. This makes it so much easier for predators out there, with most victimes of abduction cases being in their teens.

There are many preventative measures to abduction such as setting clear boundaries and rules for your kids. Supervise them in places like malls, parks, movie theatres and so on. Teach them to never go anywhere with a stranger, even if it sounds like fun. Young kids especially teens, like to please their friends and end up going out or hanging out with people they don’t know, this is extremely dangerous!

The reality of it all is that these things happen daily and its up to us to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. If you see someone is in danger or in an uncomfortable position, don’t hesitate to do something.

Websites: Missing Children South Africa
                   Hope to Heal Foundation

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