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Aseema Kazi


Aseema Kazi

We’re joined by stylist and image consultant Aseema Kazi. Aseema is the Director and Founder of The Style Factor and specialises in transforming peoples lives, whether their rich and famous or even sick.

Aseema has helped transform to transform many different types of people such as older men into vibrant, healthy, well-groomed versions of themselves, who never fail at impressing. She also helps transform people beyond what you see on the surface, she also helps women who have survived life-threatening diseases, she helps them to gain back their self-confidence and smile along with their looks, thus allowing them to live their lives in a more fore filling way. With all the stress of today’s modern society people tend to forget to look after themselves and start to slowly deteriorate and let themselves go, this is were Aseema comes in, as she shows you how to keep up with a hectic schedule but still be able to look after yourself.

“Around the world, being a stylist is a very lucrative big business and I think it is gradually emerging on South African soil. I have a clientele that ranges from movie stars, television actors, writers, singers, dancers, musicians and even the very ordinary. They all want to feel better, look good and be able to be cordial and confident in their relationships,” said Kazi.

Website: tsfactor.co.za
twitter: @aseema_s
Instagram: @Aseema_Kazi

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