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Abdul-Aziz Kunert


Abdul-Aziz Kunert
Joining us in the loft is professional boxer Abdul-Aziz Kunert, as he discusses the struggles he faced in his early life with addiction, gangsterism and imprisonment, and how he overcame his struggles through boxing.
As a child, Abdul-Aziz’s life was far from a fairytale. Abdul-Aziz’s father abandoned his family, and being the one of four brothers, Abdul was raised for most of his life by his grandmother.
With the absence of his father, Abdul-Aziz gained a reputation as a naughty child and at the age of 15, he joined the 28 gang with his younger brother. At 18, he committed a murder and was convicted.
During his prison sentence, Abdul-Aziz started boxing and that’s where the passion developed that has led to him becoming one of the hottest boxing sensations in South Africa. Today, he is happily married, is the father to a little son, and has not touched alcohol or drugs since.

Instagram: @arabianknight94
Facebook: @Abdulaziz Kunert

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