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Valentine’s Day Masterclass with Zandi Manyaku

Valentine’s Day Masterclass with Zandi Manyaku

Valentine’s Day Masterclass with Zandi Manyaku

Love is well and truly in the air. Can you feel it? Content creator Zandi Manyuka joins us in the kitchen for a very special Valentine’s Day Masterclass to serve you recipes fit for the day of love.

East London born, Chef Zandi Manyaku joins us for the very first time to showcase her chops in the kitchen. Having switched careers from a corporate job as a Charted Accountant to a full-blown Chef, she’s blended her talents for books and in the kitchen to found her business, Hush In My Kitchen. 

Busy working moms, this one is for you! Don’t let Valentine’s Day feel like another commitment in your calendar, this Simply Chicken Nugget Cups ensure that your V Day dinner is quick, easy and delicious.

Coming up, a Chicken Pasta packed to the brim with flavours. Paprika coated chicken, cooked in a creamy Clover Dairy Snack tomato sauce, with hints of smokey bacon. This is perfect comfort food that will please your Valentine!

If you’ve heard someone say, “Food is a love language”, then this recipe is set to shoot straight to the heart. This Lavender Shortbread hearts, celebrate the aromatherapy properties of lavender and is sure to put a smile of the faces of your loved one’s.

Treat the ones you love, with our scrumptious Red Velvet Cake that is soft, light and airy. For that extra moistness, we used Clover Bliss Double Cream Yoghurt and topped it with a cream cheese frosting. Love at the first bite.

Plus, add some pizzazz to your Valentine’s Day party with this Super M Vanilla Milkshake that’s the perfect treat topped with fluffy mini marshmallows, cherries and crunchy caramel popcorn.

Get these delicious recipes and more, here: afternoonexpress.co.za/recipes

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