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Seafood with Fishmonger Julie Carter

Seafood with Fishmonger Julie Carter
Thursday 24 November
We’re still out at sea on Afternoon Express! Fishmonger Julie Carter joins us once again for a Seafood themed masterclass.
Head over to our socials to answer the question: What’s your favourite dish that always incorporates seafood?
First up, Julie takes us through the basics of prawn preparation – with an easy step-by-step breakdown on how to peel, devein and clean prawns at home. If you’re not familiar with the process of peeling prawn shells, try practicing on larger prawns first.
This Prawn Bowl with Spicy Asian Dipping Sauce is a delicious and versatile dish. Feel free to use any seafood you like, and finish off with any vegetables of your choice. The sauce is made with Clover Go Nuts Peanut Butter, for our peanut butter lovers!
TV presenter, Vanes-Mari du Toit teams up with our viewer, Sagren Moonsammy for the ultimate Skydiving experience thanks to Bioplus.
Cleaning and preparing shellfish might seem intimidating, but we’ve got you covered! Julie shows us how to clean and de-beard mussels in just a few minutes.
Top tip: only buy mussels that look and smell fresh with closed shells. Press together the shells of any mussels that are open – if the shell doesn’t close it means the mussel is dead, and should be discarded.
For our final dish, our chefs whip up a flavourful Garlic and Lemon Mussel Pot. Mussels only take about 5-7 minutes to cook. Keep this in mind to avoid over cooking the mussels, if the mussels are overcooked they will have a very chewy texture.

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