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Pancake Week with Jay Miller

Pancake Week with Jay Miller

Pancake Week with Jay Miller

We celebrating International Pancake Day this week, with a special Pancake Week, bringing you everything from crepes, to flapjacks and even savoury pancakes like you’ve never seen them before.

Our resident baker and foodie Jay Miller, stacks it to Tumi and Palesa with some creative ways to serve pancakes!

We try out a French classic that can go from casual breakfast to elegant brunch depending on how you dress it. I'm talking about the humble Crepe.

Then we pull out all the stops with a dish that has trended on social media, but with our unique twist. We're making a Breakfast Pancake Log that is fully loaded and packed with flavour.

We conjure up a delicious Clover Gouda Cheese pancake lasagne. Yes Lasagne. This is usually made with wide, flat pasta but we’ve decided to switch it up and use the good old pancake instead. 

Plus we show you how to use your pancakes in an unconventional way. We will be making Pancake Parcels that not only taste great but look absolutely gorgeous.

Lastly on the menu, are pancakes with a South African twist. This past Sunday was National Milk Tart Day and to celebrate this occasion we are making Milk Tart Clover Super M Pancake Rolls. This recipe combines the nostalgia of the scrumptious pancake with the decadence and the silky, smooth texture of the beloved milk tart!

Get these delicious recipes and more, here: afternoonexpress.co.za/recipes

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