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Nurturing Your Life

9 JulyNurturing Your Life

Tuesday, 09 July 
This week is all about nurturing the important things in life, from your relationships to your well-being and even your wardrobe!

On social media, we would like to know: Whether it’s deep breaths, therapy, going for a walk, meditation, or something else - how do you manage your anger? Remember to use the #AfternoonExpress.

Clinical Psychologist and Sexologist Chantal Fowler sheds light on the importance of nurturing intimacy and a healthy sex life in a relationship.

Occupational Therapist Aimee Isaacs joins the show to discuss how to manage and understand our emotions, particularly stress and anger. She provides tips for identifying triggers, healthy coping mechanisms, and effective communication strategies.

In the kitchen, Chef Tumi and Chef Jay whip up a refreshing Tropika Zanzibar Sunrise Mocktail, the perfect tropical paradise in a glass to add a touch of romance to your date night.

Aimee Isaacs returns to delve deeper into anger management. Learn how to identify signs of an anger management problem, effective communication techniques to avoid conflict escalation, and when to seek professional help.

With the colder months approaching, we share a nourishing winter facial skincare routine with Palesa and learn how to properly care for your skin to keep it glowing throughout winter.

Pierre Pienaar, Technical Specialist from Cape Union Mart, demonstrates how to properly care for your outdoor gear, like washing and drying a down jacket, to ensure it lasts for years to come.

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