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Kitchen Hacks with Andriette Norman

Kitchen Hacks with Andriette Norman
Tuesday 24 January
We’re here to make your lives a little easier! Tune in this evening for a Kitchen Hacks themed episode. And on social media we want to hear from you: What's a kitchen hack that just makes sense?
Joining us in the loft is the ever-popular Afrikaans singer, Andriette Norman. She performs her latest single, ‘Sonder Liefde’, as well as ‘Druppel In Die See’.
Homemade Summer Burgers are first on the menu. Our hack involves placing your chilled mince in freezer bags and then forming an even layer. Using a chopstick, press firmly over the packet through the mince to into the desired portion sizes you would like.
If you’re fresh out of ideas when it comes to back-to-school snacks, then fear not because Clover is here to save the day. Our Jelly and Clover Classic Custard uses pureed fruit as a base for the jelly, a healthier option than store bought jelly.
Looking to add a little spark to your next dinner? This edible Butter Candle hack is a fun centrepiece that takes your butter to the next level.
The Clover Butro Knife Platter is a great way to serve different flavoured butters as an appetizer or snack. Put the Butro into a piping bag fitted with a nozzle for a more elegant presentation.
Our Refreshing Mango and White Chocolate Mousse is great for those sizzling hot summer days. Catch our hack of to most easily peel a mango.

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