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Heart Health and World Heart Rhythm Week


Heart Health and World Heart Rhythm Week

Tuesday 4 June

This week on Afternoon Express, all eyes are on your heart!  Dr Michelle Merrington joins us to discuss why heart health is so important and how to keep this vital organ functioning at its best. She’ll explain how your heart works and answer your questions about maintaining a healthy heart.

On social media we’d love to hear from you- What’s your favourite heart-healthy habit? Remember to use the #AfternoonExpress.

We’ll also be checking in with Pali as he explores the benefits of hiking for heart health with Cape Union Mart!

James Fernie, Founder of Uthando South Africa, joins us to chat about his latest project, “The Heart of Cape Town,” a documentary that tells the story of everyday South Africans making a difference in their communities.

Registered Dietician Mariam Forgan joins the show to discuss heart-healthy foods and how they can help prevent and manage certain health conditions.

Therapist and Social Worker Jonathan Cupido offers guidance on navigating the challenges of heartbreak.

Freshly married Singer-Songwriter Chad Saaiman is bringing the love (and the tunes!) to the Afternoon Express stage! Get ready to hear all about his marital bliss and maybe even a love song or two!

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