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Episode 290 • 22 July 2016

Episode 290 Jeannie D and Megan Daniels in the Afternoon Express kitchen

Episode 290 • 22 July 2016

DJ Switch and Justin Ray Stoffels get the weekend started with us in the loft.

Born in the small Western Cape town of Greyton, DJ Switch started his career as a presenter on Yo-TV back in 2004 and has since made a name for himself on the local music scene. 

Now he’s a producer and today's he's in the loft to tell us about how he's working towards boosting other up-and-com hip-hop hop artist’s careers in SA.

We're also joined by the hilarious newcomer to the comedy scene Justin Ray Stoffels, who will be performing in this years's Cape Town Comedy Festival.

In our Win a Home segment today we’re revealing our contestants' final kitchens!  They’ve been hard at work for the past two weeks and now we'll see how that hard work has paid off. 

Meanwhile in the kitchen, we're continuing our Friday breakfast special and making  Croquet Madame with Megan Daniels. It's basically a yummy toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a creamy sauce. 

Afternoon Express table

Afternoon Express style credits 22 July

Here's what our presenters were wearing:

Black skinny jeans from Markham
Khaki, golf shirt from Markham
Brown blazer from Markham
Brown boots from Tread and Miller

Jeannie D 
Pastel pink, corset dress from Sissy boy

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