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Episode 274 • 30 June 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 274, 30 June 2016

Episode 274 • 30 June 2016

Minnie Dlamini and Jonathan Boynton-Lee are in the loft.

Today we have a very special episode lined up for you. Tuesday we revealed a brand-new Revlon series on Afternoon Express and today on the show Bonang is back to reveal the love squad who will be sharing their make-up and love secrets over the coming weeks right here on Afternoon Express.
For Win a Home on Afternoon Express today we’re chatting to Val de Vie Marketing Director, Ryk Neethling. But the biggest news of all. It might be the middle of winter but everyone has been out on the beach in Durban over the past few days where, this very morning, the host and details were revealed for the brand-new seventh season of Tropica Island of Treasure in a very elaborate hoax. And we are very lucky to have the host herself, Minnie Dlamini, in the loft. 

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