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Episode 267 • 21 June 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 267, 21 June 2016

Episode 267 • 21 June 2016

Sivu Madikana and Khonaye join us on the couch.

On Afternoon Express this Tuesday, doctor and socialite Sivu Madikana talks to us about breaking stigmas attached to the HIV virus. As the ambassador for Brothers for Life he will also be sharing his experience in working with the initiative.

Performing in the loft is singer-songwriter Khonaye whose latest album 'Garden of Songs' was recently released to rave reviews. In our kitchen, we're treated to a delicious Mexican dessert - churros!

Also on the show, our Win A Home contestants meet with their mentors at Val de Vie, and Tim Akinnusi is back talking about purchasing different homes at different life stages.

Afternoon Express, Episode 267, 21 June 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 267, 21 June 2016

There's always plenty to smile about on Afternoon Express, but we get exceptionally giddy when we see what our presenters are wearing from the wardrobe:

Jeannie D 
White crop top from Forever 21 
Blue pencil skirt from Topshop South Africa


Black lace dress with cream camisole from I N F I N 8 T I
Black high heal boots from Spitz Shoes
Khaki shirt with navy collar from Country Road 
Black skinny jeans from WOOLWORTHS SA
Black boots from Tread and Miller


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