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Episode 242 • 17 May 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 242, 17 May 2016

Episode 242 • 17 May 2016

We're talking about successful kids on Afternoon Express.

Today we’re joined by an exception young man. His name is Joel Greek. He is a grade 7 learner at the Athlone School for the Blind and he recently wrote and essay that won an international competition and gave him the opportunity to speak at the UN headquarters. We’re also joined by a parenting coach to chat about how we can raise successful children. 

Also on the show, we get to meet our 3 judges, who are all influential figures in the design and property market. So stay tuned to find out who they are. 

Afternoon Express, Episode 242, 17 May 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 242, 17 May 2016

It wasn't quite 50, but there were several shade of grey in the loft today. Here's where you can get them:

Danilo Acquisto
Black skinny jeans from WOOLWORTHS SA
Black, white and grey long T-shirt from Silent Theory at spree.co.za
Grey bomber Cardigan from Country Road
Black boots from Tread and Miller


Jeannie D
Black dress with leather insert at neckline from Mari And Me
Bonnie Mbuli
Black jumpsuit with low cut from Alessia Boutique


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