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Episode 237 • 10 May 2016

Episode 237 • 10 May 2016

Episode 237 • 10 May 2016

Authors Dudu Dube, Mohale Mashigo and Pearl Seigel discuss their new books.

Today we explore the literary world and we’re joined in the loft by two young authors Dudu-Basani Dube, who created the Hlomu trilogy and then we chat to singer and debut author, Mohale Mashigo, who has written a book called The Yearning

We’re also joined by the inspiring Pearl Seigel, who was involved in a terrible accident 30 years ago, which left her paralyzed, and now she’s a motivational speaker and she recently released a book about her experiences. 

In the kitchen, Butterfingers blogger Ming-Cheau Lin creates a dark muscovado apple tart.

Afternoon Express, Episode 237, 10 May 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 237, 10 May 2016

Bonnie and Jeannie looked ravishing in their dresses this past Tuesday afternoon. Head on down to these retailers to get the look:

White dress with pleats from A-LIST BOUTIQUE 
Black pointy heals with straps from Spitz Shoes


Jeannie D 
Blue dress with yellow ombre from H&M


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