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Episode 229 • 28 April 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 229, 28 April 2016

Episode 229 • 28 April 2016

Afternoon Express treats 3 hardworking ladies to a beauty treatment.

Today is a very special episode and we’re dedicating a large portion of it to feet! We have internationally renowned Pedicurist & Podiatrist, Bastien Gonzalez, in the loft. He has worked with Hollywood’s biggest stars and he is here to share his wisdom with us.
We also have top South African image consultant and beauty expert, Francois Louw, and they’re both going to give 3 very special ladies a make-over so be sure to stay tuned to see how that goes down.

Francois and Bastien gave the three ladies a manicure and pedicure and had their makeup done. Here are what they looked like before, and after.
Sinah Mgciza - Cook 
Natasha Clement – Working Mother

Sadia October – High School Teacher 

In the kitchen, we're inspired by Glade to make a Lavender Infused Lamb with Slow Cooked Vanilla Carrots

To celebrate Jeannie D's recent birthday, Magnum treated her and a special group of kids from Reach for a Dream Foundation to custom made ice creams.

Afternoon Express, Episode 229, 28 April 2016

Episode 229 • 28 April 2016

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