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Episode 213 • 6 April 2016

Afternoon Express, Episode 213, 6 April 2016

Episode 213 • 6 April 2016

Experts discuss ADHD in adults and children.

We tend to make fun of Danilo and his lack of ability to concentrate and pretty much act like a 5-year old but all jokes aside, ADHD is a very serious disorder and can cause a number of big problems in a household.

Today, we're joined by two leading experts in the field of ADHD - Helena Bester, who specializes in children and Renate Schoeman who specializes in adult ADHD. Joining them is psychometrist Dawn Ellingson who will discuss support options for those with ADHD.

In the kitchen, Clem throws out the potatoes and creates chickpea fries with a no-mato sauce.

Afternoon Express, Episode 213, 6 April 2016

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