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Episode 125 • 27 October 2015

Afternoon Express, Episode 125, 27 October 2015

Episode 125 • 27 October 2015

Afternoon Express delves into the dark side of social media with 3 experts in the loft.

Social media is a powerful tool, and over the few years has been an integral part of societal change, from the Arab Spring to #FeesMustFall. However, there is a darker side to social media that very few people speak about. Today, we get to the crux of the matter and in the loft we speak to 3 experts in the fields - Emma Sadleir, an author and social media lawyer, Jarred Doyle a celebrity communications strategist, and William Griffes a social media psychologist.

But what is Afternoon Express without food? Today, we're all about sweet treats. Hannah Lewry is back in our kitchen creating banana flapjacks that will turn any dull morning into a super one, and with the magic of Selati creme brulee is also on the menu - but with a sweet twist.

Afternoon Express, Episode 125, 27 October 2015

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