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Episode 123 • 23 October 2015

Afternoon Express, Episode 123, 23 October 2015

Episode 123 • 23 October 2015

Felicia Mabuza-Suttle, L-Tido and the ZA News Team are in the loft this Friday.

Felicia hasn't been seen on South African TV in quite some time. After her Felicia show ended in 2004, she relocated to the US. Her talk show, which started in 1992, was the first one in the country to be hosted by a black female and paved the way for several other talk shows over the next 10 years. She'll be talking to us about living in the US and what her new book "Live Your Dream" is all about.

Afternoon Express viewers will be familiar with our next guests - the ZA News team. Nik Rabinowitz along with Thierry Cassuto featured on the show back in June for our 22nd episode and they return with the news that they have been nominated for an International Emmy Award.

L-Tido is our musical guest this Friday, the first South African to be nominated for a SAMA while still being an independent producer.

Afternoon Express, Episode 123, 23 October 2015

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