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Episode 120 • 20 October 2015

Afternoon Express Bonnie Mbuli

Episode 120 • 20 October 2015

This episode of Afternoon Express is totally out of this world! We are exploring the cosmos. After NASA recently discovered evidence of water on Mars, our little red neighbour has become the hottest topic in World News. Joining us in the loft is theoretical physicist, Adriana Marais. She is a short-listed candidate for the Mars One project which aims to be the first manned mission to Mars.

We’re going to be picking her brain and hopefully by the end of the show we’ll all have a better understanding about the recent discoveries as well as what is in store for her if she is chosen.

Also in the loft is the host of Girl Eat World, Kamini Pather, and one of the funniest guys in the country, Dylan Skews.  

Claire Winstanley will be treating our guests to delicious White Chocolate & Almond Butter Mousse Cakes and we're also making white chocolate mousse, Muscovado shortbread crumbs, poached strawberries in thyme syrup with our guest chef. 

Afternoon Express Kamini Pather

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