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Episode 116 • 14 October 2015

Afternoon Express, Episode 116, 14 October

Episode 116 • 14 October 2015

Conrad Koch, Chester Missing and Schalk Bezuidenhout entertain us with laughs.

There are two comedians in the loft this Wednesday on Afternoon Express and we cannot decide whether we're excited or worried. Returning to the show is Chester Missing and Conrad Koch who appeared last on our 22 June episode, and the man with the ugly jerseys Schalk Bezuidenhout.

Also. We may need to keep Schalk in check.

Stellenbosch-based musician Gerald Clark is a blues musician who's voice lends so well to the sincerity of the genre. He'll be on the couch talking about his new album, and spoils us with a performance to close the show.

Also on Afternoon Express today, easy beef pho noodle bowls are on the menu and vet Daniel Elkin explains the life stages of dogs.

Afternoon Express, Episode 116, 14 October

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