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Curry Week part 1 with Chef Jay

Curry Week part 1 with Chef Jay
Tuesday 31 May
It’s Curry Week here on Afternoon Express! Which means we’ll be showing you an array of flavourful curries from around the world. Did you know that the word curry comes from a South-Asian word ‘Kori’, which is a sauce with cooked meat or fish?
Everyone’s favourite Chef Jay is taking the lead on today’s show, starting off with a demonstration of how to make your own Roasted Masala at home.
Next up is a delicious Saag Feta Curry, a twist on the classic saag paneer dish. In preparation for the colder weather, Chef Jay whips up a hearty Peanut Butter Chicken Curry. Masala Steak Sandwiches are next on the menu, topped with creamy sauces.
Lastly, we end off with a Rogan Josh Curry. This comforting recipe originated in Kashmir and goes well with naan bread.

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