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Woolworths Masterclass Chef Series: Aubergine


The Aubergine


Soft Cheese Milkgel

400 ml rice milk
dairy free greek cheese
1 tsp
agar-agar (can be bought at any health shop)
To get past the agar-agar he can just said he brought a few of his own cheffie stuff along)

Bring the milk and the agar-agar to the boil while whisking. Continue whisking for 1 minute after it has reached boiling point. Pour the liquid in a tray and set in the fridge for 20 min- 1 hour. Blend the goats milk cheese till soft and smooth. Add the set gel and blend untill smooth. Season with salt and pepper.


60 ml olive oil
2 Tbs garam masala blend
3 X large exotic brinjals
30 ml cooking oil
black pepper

Mix the olive oil with the masala spice. Peel aubergines and put the skins aside. Rub the Masala oil mix on the aubergines to cover the surface. Heat the cooking oil in a frying pan to the maximum temperature. Add the aubergines and rotate slowly untill the aubergine is completaly charred black.Remove them from the pan and place on a draining rack in the fridge to cool down. Cut 2 of the aubergines lenth wise into 4 pieces then remove the top and the tail by cutting each one off diagonaly. Place them in a small roasting dish and season with salt and pepper to rewarm them later.

Crispy Aubergine Skins
skins from 3 aubergines
1 tsp cornflour

Julienne the skins. Coat them in corn flour and deep fry at 100◦c for 1 – 2 minutes untill they are crispy. Remove the skins from the oil and place them on a tray with papertowl to drain the excess oil. Season with salt.

Masala Buttermilk
1 small onion
1 clove garlic
5 springs of thyme

1 small bay leaf
1 tbs masala Spice
500ml buttermilk

Cut the onion into small blocks. Sweat with the crushed garlic, thyme and bayleaf. Add the Masala spice and cook for a minute or two. Add the buttermilk and reduce by 1/3. Blend untill smooth and strain throught a fine sift.

Masala Foam
1 meduim onion
1 clove garlic
5 springs of thyme
1 small bay leaf
2 tbs masala spice
400ml chicken stock
400ml cream
2 tsp lecithin (buy this at any health shop)

Reduce the cream by half. Cut the onion into small blocks. Sweat with the crushed garlic, thyme and bayleaf in a seperate pot. Add the Masala spice and for a minute. Add the chicken stock, reduce by half and blend. Strain the Masala liquid into the reduced cream. Add lecithin and bring to the boil. Let it cool down. Use a stick blender to make foam.

Aubergine Caviar
1 Exotic Aubergine (that you cooked in the frying pan)
2 tbs Mascapone

Tray to put aubergines in oven, blender, sift, bowl
Place the aubergine in the oven at 200◦c for 15 - 30 minutes. When its throughly cooked blend on full speed it untill its smooth. Add the mascarpone and season with salt and pepper. Pass the puree through a sift for the smoothest result.


Masala Nuts
100g hazlenuts
T tbs masala spice

Warm up your pan to meduim temperature. Toast hazlenuts in the oven at 200◦c for 4 minutes. Put the nuts and the masala in the pan and shake for 5 – 10 seconds. Remove onto a tray to cool down. Blend half of the nuts slightly into a rough crumble.


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