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White chocolate mousse

Afternoon Express makes white chocolate mousse with Selati

White chocolate mousse, Muscovado shortbread crumbs, poached strawberries in thyme syrup

Recipe by Michael Deg from Delaire

Muscovado shortbread crumb:
60g Selati Muscavado sugar
60g Selati castor snow
250g butter
250g cake flour
125g corn flour
Cream butter and all the sugar together
Sift the cake flour and corn flour
Combine dry ingredients with the butter and sugar until a dough is formed
Roll out to 2cm thin on a baking sheet
Bake at 140 deg for 25 minutes
Let the biscuit cool down then break into crumbs

White chocolate Mousse: 
180ml cream
40ml extra cream
1 vanilla pod
130g white chocolate
30g egg whites whipped to soft peaks
1 soaked gelatine leaf in cold water
Whip the 180ml cream to soft peaks
Heat the 40ml cream, vanilla pod and white chocolate until melted
Melt the soaked gelatine leaf into the hot white chocolate mixture and allow cooling
Fold whipped cream into the cold white chocolate mixture
Fold in whipped egg whites into the mousse and set.

Strawberries in thyme syrup:
1 pundit of strawberries cut in quarters
200g water
100g Selati castor snow
5 sprigs of thyme
Bring the water, sugar and thyme to the boil, let cool for a little then add strawberries 

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