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Summer Party Drinks

Woolworths Summer Party Drinks
Woolworths Summer Party Drinks

Signature Afternoon Express Cocktail
1 X 275ml Woolworths Steel Works Sparkling lemon flavoured drink
147ml Lazy Kettle Hickory Liquid smoke
4T Woolworths Free range liquid egg whites
¼t Cinnamon, plus extra for garnish
1T Maple syrup
4 large ice cubes
Orange peel, to flame
Place the Woolies Steel Works drinks in the freezer to chill for a few minutes; this drink should be served very cold.
In a wide, old school style champagne glass add a few drops of the liquid smoke to the bottom of the glass, being sure not to add more than 4 drops.
Pour over the chilled Steel Works drink leaving some space to add the foam.
To make the foam:
Add the egg whites, cinnamon, maple syrup and ice cubes to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for about 20 seconds until a creamy foam is formed.
Pour or spoon the foam over before garnishing with a touch more cinnamon. Holding the orange peel with the outer side facing the glass, squeeze the peel over a lit lighter to gently spray some flames over the cocktail. Serve immediately 

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