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Spiced Glazed Gammon

Spiced Glazed Gammon

by Clem Pedro

Woolworths large ready to cook gammon.

Woolworths 2 X 200g Spiced pineapple shimmer glaze
4 Clemengolds, zested and juiced
440g tinned pineapple rings, syrup reserved
2 X 180g cherries, pitted

350g carrots, peeled and blanched
300g baby beetroots, peeled and blanched until just tender
3T extra virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
3 Clemengolds halved.

Woolworths frozen roasted potatoes, prepared as instructed
60g Woolworths roast potato seasoning

Prepare the gammon as instructed, removing the fat cap and scoring the fat underneath in a diamond pattern then returning to the oven to begin rendering and browning the fat.
Prepare the glaze by combining the spiced pineapple glaze with the clemengold zest and juice and pineapple syrup.

Begin brushing the glaze over the gammon, repeating the process every 10 minutes until sweet, sticky and perfectly lacquered. Secure the pineapple rings and pitted cherries to the gammon using toothpicks, pour over the last of the glaze and return to the oven for another 10 minutes.

For the carrots and beetroot
Halve the beets then coat the veggies in extra virgin olive oil before seasoning and placing over medium heat coals or over a griddle pan. Turn the carrots and beets every few minutes to prevent them burning. Once soft and smoky squeeze over the clemengold juice and glaze until sweet and sticky then give another light seasoning.

Carve the gammon and serve with the roasted potatoes and clemengold glazed veggies. 

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