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Smoked Trout Fillet

smoked trout

Smoked Trout Fillet

6 Trout Fillets:

600g Rock Salt
600g Demerara Sugar
200g Lemongrass (chopped)
200g Ginger

  1. Blitz all the afore mentioned ingredients in a thermo, on a high speed for 2 minutes or until a paste consistency is formed.
  2. Spread the cure evenly, covering both the skin and flesh sides of the trout fillets.
  3. Cover with cling wrap, allow to cure for 1 hour.
  4. Thereafter, lightly brush off the cure with a wet cloth.

Smoking Process:
American wood fire Chips

  1. Whether smoking in a Smoker or in a wok – place tin foil to cover the bottom of the item you’re using.
  2. Place 2-3 burning pieces of charcoal at the bottom in the centre.
  3. Have your fillets, skin face down, on a wired rack ready on the side.
  4. Now, completely cover your coals in smoking chips – the idea is to have as little heat and as much smoke as possible.
  5. Quickly place your wired rack on top of the wok with your smoking chips, and place the fillets away from the centre (where the charcoal is placed ie: avoiding the heat).
  6. Place the lid onto the wok or smoker and allow to smoke for 1 hour, however checking it after 30 minutes to make sure it is still smoking and also not too hot.

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