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Sea Harvest entertainers platter

Sea Harvest enterainment platter Sea Harvest entertainers platter

Recipe by: Sea Harvest
Serves: 8
Cooking: 30min
Preparation: 20min

2 boxes of Sea Harvest fish nuggets
1 cucumber
Cider vinegar
Cherry tomatoes
5 radishes
Tartar sauce
1000 island sauce
tomato salsa

Preheat oven and cook fish according to box instructions. Make a pickling brine from equal parts water, cider vinegar and salt (the amount used depends on the amount you will be pickling). Slice the cucumber into desired size/ shape and submerge in pickling brine. Cucumbers can be eaten immediately but will taste better if left to sit in brine. Thinly slice the radishes and arrange on a platter with the basil, tomatoes and sauces. Once fish place fish over basil etc. And around the sauces.

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