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PERFECT Poached Egg with Nulaid

PERFECT Poached Egg with Nulaid

The PERFECT Poached Egg with Nulaid 
Lightly grease a saucepan with butter and add 5cm of liquid. Heat to boiling point and lower the temperature so that the liquid simmers.
Break eggs one by one into a cup, and gently slide into the liquid. A metal poaching ring is used to ensure the eggs keep their shape.
Suitable liquid for poaching eggs includes water to which lemon juice or vinegar has been added, tomato juice, milk, meat extract and soup.
The liquid must be flavoursome but should not contain salt. Simmer at low heat for three to five minutes.
Lift the eggs out of the liquid with a perforated egg-lifter, drain and serve hot.
Place poached eggs on toast, buttered bread, a slice of ham or tomato slices and serve with a tasty cheese sauce.

  • Only very fresh eggs should be used for poaching.
  • Eggs can be poached in tomato juice, wine, milk, stock, soup or water.
  • The liquid used for poaching should be just under boiling point.
  • Poached eggs can be reheated just before serving by placing them back in the hot liquid for a few minutes.

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