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Lentil, Chickpea & Feta Salad

Lentil, Chickpea & Feta Salad

Lentil, Chickpea & Feta Salad 

Recipe by: Rochez O’Grady

½ cup lentils (dried/tinned)
1 bay leaf (if cooking lentils from scratch)
½ garlic clove
Pinch of  salt
1 cup tinned chickpeas
1 cup roasted butternut, cut into cubes
½ -1 cup rocket
½ cup baby spinach
½ - 1 cup coriander
1-2 tomatoes - chopped
½ small onion – finely chopped
½ cup olives
½ block reduced fat feta cheese
1 tbsp. olive oil
Juice of 1 large lemon
½ Cucumber chopped into cubes
2 handfuls sunflower seeds 
Reasons why it recipe great for expecting mothers:
Healthy protein, high in fibre, healthy carbohydrate, healthy fats included.
Micronutrients focusing on:
Lentils and chickpeas – good source of iron, folate
Baby spinach – good source iron, folate and calcium
Feta cheese – great source of calcium
Olive oil – healthy fat
Sunflower seeds – good source iron, folate and healthy fat
If you are going to cook your lentils:
Wash Lentils: Place lentils into a colander. Thoroughly rinse under running water.
Transfer the rinsed lentils to a saucepan with some water. Add the bay leaf & garlic clove.
Bring the water to a rapid simmer over medium-high heat, then reduce the heat and simmer gently.
Cook, uncovered, for 20-30 minutes until tender and no longer crunchy. Strain any excess water and add the pinch of salt
You can also use tinned, strained lentils.
Combine the lentils & drained, tinned chickpeas with the butternut, tomato, cucumber, onion coriander & rocket
Drizzle with a mix of olive oil & lemon juice
Crumble over the feta cheese

Contact Rochez O'Grady:

Official Website: munchwize.co.za
Facebook: Health Tips from a Dietician 
Instagram: @rochez7
Twitter: @Munchwize 

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