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Lapo’s Kitchen ravioli

Lapo’s Kitchen ravioli

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Lapo’s Kitchen ravioli

Butternut Chopped 500g
Ricotta cheese 300g 
Sage 20g
Cake Flour 1kg 
Free range eggs 16 
Extra virgin olive oil 500ml
Butter 500g
Parmigiano Reggiano ( real one please ) 100g
Salt and pepper 
Home made Ravioli
serves 6 people
Pasta dough
Flour 500g
egg    x8 ( medium )
Olive oil
Pour the flour in a large mixing bowl and scooping it around dig a hole in the middle creating a pocket in which you will place 6 egg yolk and 2 whole egg, pinch of salt and dash of Extra Virgin olive oil. Using a fork start beating the eggs inside the pocket incorporating the flour from around a little bit at the time until you reach a soft and but firmer texture. Start now working with your hands and gently fold in ore flour until the dough because firmer. Knead until smooth and dry.
Butternut 500g
Ricotta 300g
rosemary spring
Preheat the oven @ 200 C
Place the cubed butternut in a roasting try together with a generous dollop of olive oil, rosemary leaves, salt and pepper and roast for about 40 minutes or until the edges start becoming blackened.
let it cool down place in a bowl and incorporate with the ricotta mixing thoroughly.
Using a pasta machine roll into sheets and your preferred thickness (ideally not the thinnest option).
With the sheet laid out horizontally in front of you roll your filling into balls a bit smaller than a golf one; starting from one end, place the balls along the sheet distancing 3 fingers from each other. Take now the top edge of the sheet and fold it over the Balls reaching for the bottom and starting from one end make sure the sheet sticks all around every single ball of filling. You can now cut between the fillings portions into individual pockets. By using a fork push down the overlaid sheets around the filling and cut then a bit of  the edges off to give it a nicer shape.
Butter 150g
sage few leaves 
in a sauce pot melt the butter then add the sage leave and let it fry in it until sage is crispy and butter turned into a golden brown colour
boil the ravioli for few minutes, strain then toss it in the butter sauce

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