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Kiddies lunchbox inspiration with Clover Nutrikids

kiddies clover lunch box

Kiddies lunch box ideas.
Clover gouda portion
- These fit easily into any lunch box and are perfectly portioned
Carrot, celery, cucumber batons
- These are perfect for snacking but are easily eaten during break times
Colourful and fruity:
Nectarines, grapes, apples, litchis
- Eating fruit is a great way to get your 5 a day in and get kids used to eating foods with texture.
Whole-wheat biscuits, oat cookies, digestive cookies, breads
-         High in fibre, whole-wheat breads also deliver more nutrients.
Sandwich Building tips 101:
Protect the texture of the bread by putting ingredients like cheese or ham down first before adding the lettuce or tomato, and if using the tomato, remove the pulpy, watery bit from the middle.
Try not to remove the crust of the bread, get your kids used to eating food with texture. Add texture and extra crunch to sandwiches by using sprouts, or radishes, these pack delicious flavour and nutrients. Switch up the bread and try something other than white, plain bread. Try Rye, whole-wheat or sourdoughs for added flavour and nutrients.
Nutrikids yoghurt for second breaks as well as Nutrkids 200ml juice box to be included in lunchboxes

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