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Frankies bannoffee fudge sundae

Frankies bannoffee fudge sundae

Frankies bannoffee fudge sundae

Recipe By: Clem Pedro

For the banoffee fudge:
4T salted butter
2T brown sugar
2 bananas, roughly chopped
1 cup cream
½ cup condensed milk

Good quality vanilla dairy ice cream
Ginger nut biscuits, crushed
Whipped cream for topping

Heat the butter and sugar together over a medium heat. Stir until most of the sugar has dissolved before adding the banana and cooking for 2 minutes. Pour in the cream and stir, dissolving any crystals that might form. Pour in the condensed milk and combine, continuing to stir and thicken until it becomes a thick, glossy fudge sauce. Remove from the heat and allow to cool till warm.
Add some of the sauce to the bottom of a large serving glass, or classic sundae glass. Add a generous scoop of ice cream followed by a crispy layer of the gingernut biscuits.
Complete the layering process until almost at the top of the glass before finishing with some whipped cream and crowning with more of the fudge sauce.
Serve with your favourite Frankies.

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