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DIY: Make a beautiful candle with serviettes


DIY: Make a beautiful candle with serviettes

What you Will Need:
Clear Pillar Candles
Paper Napkin (with print of your choice)
Baking Paper
Clothing Iron

First thing is to cut out your design from your napkin. Once your design is cut out of napkin separate the sheets of the napkin. You want just the top layer of the napkin. Now you will place your piece of napkin onto your candle. Be sure to place it evenly and where you want it to be permanently placed.

Wrap a piece of baking paper around the entire candle without leaving any part of the candle exposed. Then you will take the iron and rub over the top of the baking paper over the napkin. Be sure to start the iron on its lowest setting. Rub the iron lightly over the baking paper until you notice that the napkin starts melting into the candle. 

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