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Dead Easy Marshmallow Tarts

Dead Easy Marshmallow Tarts

Dead Easy Marshmallow Tarts

1/2 Pkt Tennis Biscuits crushed
125 ml Full Cream Milk
200 ml Whipping Cream
200 g Woolies Mini Pink &White Marshmallows
4 Woolies 2 Fruits in Tropical Jelly
Extra Marshmallows for garnish

1. In medium heat add milk, whipping cream, and marshmallows. Melt until smooth and all the marshmallows have dissolved.
2. Now layer the crushed biscuits in the bottom of 4 glasses.
3. Top with the creamy marshmallow mixture distributing the mixture evenly.
4. Top with woolies tropical jelly and lastly garnish with a few marshmallows
This tart can also be made in a cake tin with a loose bottom then sliced before serving. Just remember to add a pinch of gelatin to help the tart firm up.

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