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Coco Affogato Delight

Coco Affogato Delight

Coco Affogato Delight

Recipe By Rory Macdonald

Gluten-free sponge
228g egg whites

200g sugar
368g egg yolks
88g sugar
120g gluten free flour
40g cacao powder

Chocolate ganache
250ml cream

135g trimoline/ maple syrup
30ml milk
1,5ml salt
250g dark chocolate/ Valrhona Manjari chocolate

Microwave sponge
300g egg whites

60g almond powder/ finely ground almonds
70g sugar
20g flour

Caramelized coffee beans
30g sugar
30g water
300g coffee beans

Lemon thyme ice cream/ any citrus flavored ice cream or sorbet of your liking
For the sponge place the egg whites in a mixing bowl and whip to stiff peaks, gradually add the sugar while continuing to whip to form stable and shiny meringue .
In another mixing bowl add the yolks and whip until light and pale in colour, gradually add the sugar while continuing to whip.
Fold the yolk mixture into the meringue. Sieve the flour and cacao into the meringue mixture and gently fold in. Pour onto a greased and lined baking tray, bake at 180C for 12 minutes.
Allow to cool and set aside in the freezer.

For the ganache in a saucepan bring the cream, milk and maple syrup to a boil. Place the salt and chocolate in a bowl and pour the boiling liquid over it. Mix well until smooth and all the chocolate is melted and well incorporated.
Pour over the frozen sponge.

For the microwave sponge add all the ingredients to a mixing. Blend well using a hand blender or whisk and sieve.
Pipe onto a paper cup with holes in the bottom and microwave for 50 seconds.
For the caramelized beans preheat the to 150C. In a saucepan heat the sugar and water to 119C while heating the coffee beans in the oven for 5 minutes.
Break the coffee beans up in small pieces and add to the sugar syrup. Mix well until everything is incorporated and well coated.
Serve altogether with the ice cream.

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