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Clover Mac and Cheese puk burger

Clover Mac and Cheese puk burger

Clover Mac and Cheese puk burger

Recipe By: Clem Pedro

For the mac’n’cheese puck
1kg Prepared macaroni and cheese with bacon (Woolies)
2 cups flour
4 eggs, beaten
500g panko crumbs to coat
Olive Pride Blend Oil for deep-frying

For the burgers
3T canola oil
4 x 250g beef mince, shaped into patties
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
Smokey BBQ sauce to coat

For the cheesy tomato mixture: combine
100g Clover Tussers cheese, grated
100g Clover mature cheddar cheese, grated
100g Clover Black pepper feta cheese, grated
4T sun-dried tomato pasta sauce

4 ultimate burger buns
Using ring moulds, cut rounds out of the mac’n’cheese before dusting in the flour. Dip the dusted rounds of mac’n’cheese in the beaten egg then coat well in the panko crumbs, for a better crust dip the puck into the egg then the panko crumbs for a second coating. Allow the puck to rest for 10 minutes while heating the oil.
While the oils heating for the deep-frying, heat a pan over a medium high heat with the Olive Pride Blend oil. Add the patties to the pan and begin searing. At the same time add the macaroni puck to the other pot to deep-fry, this should only take about 3-5 minutes, the puck should be golden and crisp with the inside heated through. Remove the puck from the oil and place on absorbent kitchen paper.
Turn the burger patty over and cook for another 2 minutes before brushing with the BBQ sauce, coating the patty well.
Toast your buns in a little butter until crispy and golden. Add the BBQ glazed patty followed by the cheesy tomato mix. Add the macaroni puck which will allow the cheese 7 tomato  mix to melt. Top with the top of the bun and serve piping hot.

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