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Clover Cream O’Naise Ultimate Burger

Cream O’Naise Hamburger Challenge

Clover Cream O’Naise Ultimate Burger


1kg prepared bread dough
Clover Cream O’Naise to coat the slices

2kg Lean beef mince
Salt and freshly ground pepper
4T extra virgin olive oil
½ cup smokey bbq sauce for glazing
4T canola oil
3 large onions, roughly chopped
4T smokey BBQ sauce
4T Worcestershire sauce
Salt and Freshly ground pepper to taste

250g mature cheddar, sliced
100g cos lettuce
4 tomatoes, sliced
6 gherkins, cut into disks

To a greased spring form tin: Add the bread dough and bake in the oven for 35 minutes at 180C or until completely cooked through. Allow to cool slightly before cutting through the middle.
Brush the cut sides with some Clover Cream O’Naise before toasting in a pan over a medium heat until golden and crisp. After toasting brush some extra Cream O’Naise over for extra creaminess.
Add the mince to a mixing bowl and season with the salt and pepper before mixing through. Add the mince to a pan that has been coated with olive oil and shape into a large patty before placing over a high heat. While the pan is on the heat preheat the oven to 220C.
Once a crust forms at the bottom of the patty brush the BBQ sauce over the top of the patty and place in the oven to cook for 15 - 20 minutes or until the patty is slightly pink in the centre but the glaze has reduced becoming sweet and sticky. Once removed from the oven add the cheese and allow to slowly melt over the patty.
While the patty is cooking prepare the caramelised onions by heating a pan over a medium heat and adding the oil to heat. Add the onions and slowly begin cooking until completely browned and the onions have cooked down to half the size that filled the pan. Add the BBQ sauce and Worcestershire sauce along with the seasoning and cook until the liquids have reduced. Set aside.
Add some crisp lettuce to the base of the burger bun followed by the tomato and seasoning. Next add the patty and the caramelised onion before topping with the top of the bun. Cut into wedges to serve, or serve as is for a giant burger challenge.

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