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Clover Classic Mille-Feuille custard creams

Classic Mille-Feuille custard creams

Clover Classic Mille-Feuille custard creams

For the pastry
Phyllo pastry
Icing sugar
Brown butter (beurre noisette)

For the Custard Cream

200g Cream (Clover) 
200g Custard (Clover) 
Vanilla paste
Fresh Berries
Reduced balsamic/balsamic reduction

Lemon zest
Black pepper
Strawberry, raspberries and blueberries
Mint to garnish
Place butter in a sauce pan on medium heat and leave to brown. Once brown and nutty, take off heat and leave to cool.
Brush each layer of phyllo pastry with the beurre noisette and dust with icing sugar. Do 3 layers. Cut into desired shape and bake off at 170 degrees for 10 minutes in between nonstick paper and in flat trays. 
To make the Vanilla creams, whip up the cream and place in the fridge. 
Mix together the clover custard with vanilla paste. Fold together custard mix with whipped cream and refrigerate.
Cut up some fresh berries into different shapes and sizes for height and dimension.
Take some of the strawberries and mix with a little bit of the lemon zest, mint, pepper and balsamic reduction.
To assemble, place the phyllo pastry on a flat surface, pipe different sizes of the vanilla cream onto it, dizzle the strawberry mix and finish off with the berries. Add mint as garnish

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