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Clover Amasi Ginger and Coriander Dip


Clover Amasi Ginger and Coriander Dip

Clover Amasi Ginger and Coriander Dip

Recipe by Zach Abrahams

1 k  Clover Amasi
½ cup Finely grated ginger
1 big handful  Chopped the fresh coriander
½ cup Chopped red onion
4 T Olive oil
1 x French loaf (slightly stale is fine)
2 T Smoked paprika
1 t salt

Combine Clover Amasi with ginger and coriander, pour into a medium-sized bowl that has been lined with a muslin cloth, tie the muslin closed with some string and allow to hang in the fridge directly over the mixing bowl for at least 6 hours or overnight to allow the curds to separate.

Once Clover Amasi has been strained, discard the liquid that has accumulated in the bowl and add the strained mixture to a mixing bowl along with chopped red onion and seasoning.
Combine olive oil, smoked paprika and salt in a small bowl and set aside.
Thinly slice French loaf, brush with paprika oil and then bake @200 C until crispy and slightly golden. Serve with Amasi dip.

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