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Clover Amasi Fried Steak Sandwich

Clover amazi steak sandwich

Clover Amasi Fried Steak Sandwich 

For the onion marmalade 
3T canola oil
2 onions roughly chopped
Salt to taste
1T brown sugar
2T vinegar
1T BBQ spice

For the steak: 
4 to 5 150g steaks 
Salt to taste
500ml Amasi
3 cups flour
2t cayenne pepper
1t Mustard powder
Oil for shallow frying

For the sandwich:
1 large oval loaf
Butter for toasting 
5T hot chakalaka
5T mayonnaise
Cos lettuce to serve
Sliced tomato to serve


For the onion marmalade:

add the oil to a pan over a medium followed by the onions, salt and brown sugar.
Slowly cook the onions until onions completely soften and cook down becoming jam like.
Add the vinegar and BBQ spice before mixing through and tasting.

For the steak: 
Season the steaks before placing in the Amasi to marinade for 10 minutes before coating in the flour that has been seasoned with cayenne pepper and mustard powder and extra salt.
Dust off the excess flour and cook in the oil over a medium high heat for about 2 minutes a side. 

For the sandwich:
Cut the loaf through the middle before toasting in the butter.
Combine the mayo with the chakalaka before adding the lettuce and tomatoes followed by the steak  and finally the onion marmalade before finishing with the top of the bread loaf. 

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