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Chilli Fried Duck

Chilli Fried Duck

Chilli Fried Duck
Recipe by: Clement Pedro

Serves: 2
Cooking: 15min
Preparation: 15min
6T Canola oil
400g Duck Stir Fry
15g Dried Chillies
½ cup Asian Sweet Indonesian Soy Sauce ½ cup
¼ cup Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce ¼ cup
Heat 4T of the oil over a high heat in a wok. Add the duck and fry for 1 minute, caramelizing well but not cooking it through. Do this in batches so the wok is not over crowded.
Keep the duck aside while you add the fry the chilis in the remaining oil for 1 minute while stirring them in the wok ensuring they don’t burn. This allows the smokey flavor of the chilis to impart in the oil.
Add the sweet soy sauce and sriracha and continue stirring as it reduces. Add the duck and toss in the sauce to coat and glaze it.
Serve this spicy dish over noodles, in a steamed bun or over steamed rice with Asian greens

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