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Zoe Ramushu

Zoe Ramushu

Zoe Ramushu

We are joined by Zoe Ramushu in the studio, Zoe sits on the board of Sisters Working in Film & Television a.k.a. SWIFT, which is an organisation that is dedicated to helping and protecting the rights of women who work in the industry. She also cares about how the African woman is perceiving themselves.

Zoe completed her studies at Wits, first obtaining an undergraduate degree in English and Law. She would then later follow that up by obtaining her Master’s in African Literature and Cinema. She is not only is she a board member of SWIFT, but she also sits on the board of the African Women Awards and has her production company called Chiriseri Studios, which she produces the content for. The aim of the company is to constantly produce content that is of a global standard that is still proudly African, this has led to her working with a number of big name brands, such as Soul Candi and Unilever, amongst others. SWIFT is now the only South African organisation focusing exclusively on the common concerns and shared experiences of women working in film and television

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Website: www.swift.org.za
Twitter: @swift_safrica
Facebook: Sisters Working in Film & Television

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