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Zanele Nkosi

Zanele Nkosi on Afternoon Express

Zanele Nkosi

We speak to leadership coach and POWA board member Zanele Nkosi.

Now that we know how to identify abuse, let’s find out how we, as individuals and communities, can be pro-active in taking a stand against it. With us today in the loft to give more information on how abused women are supported and to tell us what steps women who think they find themselves in an abused relationship can take, is leadership coach and board-member of the women’s rights organisation, POWA, Zanele Nkosi

Zanele is also an addiction recovery coach, a qualified aerobics instructor and a mother of two teenage boys. She is fluent in a number of South African languages and speaks French. With an education from the finest international school in Africa (Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa) as well as travel across the globe, Zanele considers herself an African citizen of the world.

Zanele Nkosi on Afternoon Express


Official website: powa.co.za

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