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Wanda Baloyi

Wanda Baloyi

Wanda Baloyi

We are joined in the studio by musician Wanda Baloyi, for our cook-a-long. She is a multi-award winning artist, who is primarily known for her jazz career, however recently she made a switch up in the direction of career by reinventing herself as a DJ and entertainer under the name Queen Choco.

Wanda started he career as a part of the all female group, Ghetto-Luv in the 1990s, before she would leave the group to attempt a solo career. She would then go on to drop her first album in 2003 “Voices”, which was roduced by award winning jazz guitarist Jimmy Dludlu.

She released her last jazz album in 2014 which was titled Love and Light, the album gained her a Metro FM Music Award, she worked on the album songwriter and producer Kabomo, and many other artists such as Clint Brink and Judith Siphuma among others. The album had a smooth soul and R&B sound to it. However she decided to take a hiatus from music after that until she returned in 2017, undergone a new image as Queen Choco.
"I wanted to do it differently and let myself go. I wanted to release myself into the music to make the stories all the more real." Wanda says.

Facebook: Wanda Baloyi
Website: www.wandabaloyi.com
Instagram: wandabaloyi
Twitter: @wandabaloyi

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