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Tsholofelo Diale

Tsholofelo Diale

Tsholofelo Diale

Joining us in the studio is Tsholofelo Diale, she is the Chairperson and founder of Bravado Movement. It is a Non-Profit Organisation that she started in 2014 to help and societies deal with their socio-economic problems that they deal with.

When Tsholofelo was younger, she was a straight “A” pupil until her life got turned upside down in Grade 10, when she had to deal with falling pregnant, getting expelled, and having an abortion. It was situations such as these that led her to starting the Bravido Movement, in order to help youth and others in communities going through something similar, and other socio-economic issues, to know that they are not alone, and that they can be helped.

The Bravado Movement is situated in Kagiso, Mogale City. It deals with social problems by letting the communities be able to share and communicate with each other into finding the solutions together, in order for the community to be able to develop as a whole.

We are activators with a driven purpose to unlock the potential of young individuals and inherit a culture where we can adopt a lifestyle where the vision, mission and values were crystal clear.
The organization values humanity therefore we uphold the values of fundamental rights and constitutional rights in an open democratic society.”

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