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Tina Kubukeli

Tina Kubukeli

Tina Kubukeli

Joining us on the couch is business woman and architect, Tina Kubukeli. She is the CEO of ID LAB Architect, which is a 100% black female owned architecture company that she started at the age of 31 year’s old.

Tina was born and bred in the town of Mthatha in the Eastern Cape, and decided to pursue a challenging career in architecture, due to it being a very male dominated industry. Now her company is set up in the business hub of Sandton. She grew up in a family where she was one of 5 children, to a mother who was a teacher and principal, who always showcased the importance of education to her. Not only did her parents install the importance of education in her but they also made sure that she understood the value of hard work, by making sure that she helped her mother with her other business, a shop that she ran over the weekend.

It was in high school when she fell in love with architecture, when she had gone on a European tour. In 2012 she registered her company and opened up, the first 100% black female owned architecture company, in an atemped to break the mould and bring down stereotypes of women. Tina has worked and strived to keep up the legacy and works of icons like Mam’ Winnie Mandela, were all South Africans can live and work equally without gender divisions, with women being able to thrive in male dominated industries.

Website: www.idlab.co.za

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