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The Mill

the mill

The Mill

We are joined in studio by a jazz band called The Mill. The 9 piece group is comprised of South African and Swiss musicians. The collective was created in order for the members to find new avenues of self-expression, and that is exactly what they do on their debut album When The Wind Blows’.

They joined forces due to the love of music and the exchange of musical ideas for a different sound. After the collective had performed in the same venue, on the same night, they all got to talking and sharing ideas, thus The Mill was born. Their sound almost seems like a fusion of reminiscent of the Baptist church sounds mixed with the deep authentic South African Jazz sound, it is set out to fuse the two worlds of music. The album swings sound of soulful grooves while combining the sounds of Mbaqangaesque and gospel sounds, among many others.

The album is curated by Mandla Mlangeni, who is the Standard Bank Young Artist Jazz19. They have said that the collaboration does not just stop at music but there are also hopes to continue it into society with youth empowerment projects, community upliftment, thus resulting in life long friendships.

For the When The Wind Blows tour details, click here

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