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Sisonke Msimang


Sisonke Msimang

Joining us in studio and for the first time on the couch, is author Sisonke Msimang. Sisonke is a journalist and list and author, she has recently published a memoir titled ‘Always Another Country’ which goes through the chapters in her life of exile and home.

The chapters of memoir focuses on her life such as childhood, when she had to live in exile in Kenya and Zambia. It also covers what it was like for her studying in countries where she was treated like a foreigner such as Canada and North America, and also her return in the 90’s. Each place she was in has it’s own story, such as experiencing sexual violence in Zambia by a gardener, when she was seven, then while she was in Canada, she was called as “African monkey.” The memoir takes us through socio-political landscape that South Africa is in. She also goes on to explore her own identity.

She has said that the memoir is not only about herself, but also South Africa as a whole, from the eyes of an ordinary citizen. It explores the socio-economical climate in the country at the current moment and it also touches on how we all are trying to secure a place for ourselves in the country.

“I wanted to embody was the sense that we are always searching for another country and we are always wanting this to be a different country to what it is, which is a better country," she has said.

Website: www.sisonkemsimang.com
Instagram: @sisonke_msimang
Twitter: @Sisonkemsimang

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