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Scelo Mncube

Scelo Mncube

Scelo Mncube

We are joined by motivational speaker and author of “I Was Raped and You Were Born” Scelo Mncube. Scelo had a difficult upbringing, he had to deal with what seemed like his mother not loving him, all the way until her death, following that he found a note from her saying that he was born as a result of rape.

His life has been full of hardships that he’s dealt with such as being forced to leave his home, dropping out of school, and eventually ending up living on the streets. It was while dealing with the truth behind his conception that he decided that it would not define who he was and that he had to turn his life around and to help those who have been or are going through similar times. The reason that he wrote the book was that it was a cathartic method of getting out his pain and to exercise the demons that were living in his head, after discovering the truth. His hope is that it will motivate others not to give up on life.


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